Frequently asked questions

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are highly scented chunks of wax (ours are made from natural soy wax) which, when placed on top of a heated burner, will melt and release fragrance similar to that of a candle.

How do I use a wax melt?

You will need a wax melter/burner, similar to the one pictured. You simply place a chunk of wax in the top dish and light a tea light to place in the cavity below.

How long will my wax melt last?

Each chunk of wax will release at least 8 hours of fragrance. As the time elapses, the scent will become less strong until there will just be the scent of the natural soy wax. More often than not, our melts release fragrance for many more hours than stated.

What burner should I get?

We recommend a burner that will provide a 10cm gap between the melt and the tea light. Many burners are sold as “oil burners” which we do not recommend as they tend to be shorter than a wax melter.

Which tea lights do I need?

We advise that you use 4hour tea lights as opposed to 8hour ones which can become too hot as well as burn the fragrance oil off faster, meaning your melt doesn’t last as long.

How do I change the wax?

There are two methods we can recommend:

1. Place a lit tea light in the cavity of the wax melter and wait a minute or two. This should just slightly heat up the wax in the top dish, enough for it to slide out as a whole disk. We recommend using a kitchen towel or tissue to slide it out, and wipe away any melted wax residue to leave the dish clean for the next scent.

2. Allow the wax to fully melt and place cotton wool (balls or pads) in the dish. This will soak up the wax. Repeat as necessary and ensure you have wiped away any extra wax residue to leave the dish clean for the next scent.

Can I mix scents?

We do not recommend mixing our melts together due to the ingredients in the fragrance oil. If you are determined to mix two scents, we would advise you have two wax melters with a different fragrance in each.

My wax is smoking, is this normal?

If you see a clear, smoky substance coming from the wax, do not be alarmed. This is simple the fragrance oil releasing the scent and slowly burning off. If the smoke is of a dark/black colour, immediately extinguish your tea light safely and get in touch with us.

As a general rule, we advise that you keep wax melters away from flammable liquids, fabrics, children and pets, as you would a candle. Never leave a lit flame unattended and ensure that you extinguish the flame safely in the cavity of the wax melter. Do not blow on the melted wax as this could cause it to spatter. In the unlikely event that hot wax spatters, use a hairdryer to heat up the wax and soak up as much as you can by gently dabbing with a kitchen towel.